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Alaska Airlines miles program


Earn Alaska Airlines Miles with Every Purchase!

Join our exclusive rewards program where shopping leads to flying! For every dollar you spend on our website (excluding shipping costs), you'll earn Alaska Airlines miles. It's a fantastic way to make your purchases even more rewarding!

Program Details:

  • Earn Miles: Get 1 Alaska Airlines mile for every $1 spent on our site.
  • Valid on All Purchases: Your shopping is always rewarding. Whether you're buying at the beginning, middle, or end of any month, every dollar contributes to your miles.
  • Miles Crediting: Earned miles will be credited to your account by the middle of the following month. So, if you place an order(s) at any time during a month, expect your miles by the 15th of the next month.

Transform your purchases into the next journey with Alaska Airlines!


How to Set Up Your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Number

Earning miles is simple, but first, ensure your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan number is linked to your account. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Access Your Account: Go to My Account on our website.

  2. Navigate to Account Information: Click on the ‘Account Information’ section.

  3. Enter Your Mileage Plan Number: In the ‘Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Number’ field, enter your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan number. If you don't have a Mileage Plan number yet, you can easily sign up for one on the Alaska Airlines website.

  4. Save Your Information: After entering your Mileage Plan number, make sure to hit the ‘Save’ button to update your account details.

Your account will now be linked to your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, and you'll start accumulating miles with every eligible purchase. It’s that easy!

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