About us


Since 1972, we have specialized in supplying groceries to rural Alaskan residents. We ship groceries utilizing virtually every method of transportation available, parcel post, bypass mail, air freight, rail, and barge to just name a few. Alaskan bush pilots in small single engine planes provide delivery into remote rural Alaskan village locations, where Native Alaskan’s proudly transport our food orders in sleds and trails pulled by snow machine in the winter and 4 wheel ATV’s in the summer to local village residents.

These methods allow us to ship your groceries in a timely manner, to any remote location in Alaska. We believe in old-fashioned customer service. We feel every customer should be completely satisfied with each and every order they place. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!  This philosophy not only ensures quality service, but also instills pride in a job well done throughout our company.

We are driven by the need of timely delivery of quality food products into remote rural Alaska locations, which is essential to the quality of life for residents living in those environments. What we offer is quality product and service at a competitive price. Our customers will find they save as much as 40% or more by shopping with us, allowing them to buy more necessities for their families with their food budget.

We have over 20 staff members in our Anchorage warehouse facility with many years of experience assisting Rural Alaskan’s with their grocery needs. We are ready and excited to serve you!


Warehouse Crew